Monday, March 2, 2015

Recipe: Pan-seared Salmon w/ Strawberry Salad, Portobello Mushroom and Scrambled Eggs on Baguette

Salmon Filet (4-8 oz per person)
Eggs (1-2 per person)
Gruyere Cheese
Green Onion (1 -2 sprigs)
Portobello Mushroom (1/2 - 1 per person)
French Baguette (6 inches per 2 people)
Lime (1 Large)
Goat Cheese (1 Tbsp per person)
Handful of Candied Walnuts  (small handful per person)
Strawberries (2-3 per person)
Mixed Salad Greens

-Use chives instead of green onions if you're a fan!
-Use other types of mushrooms if you want (chanterelles, button, shiitake)! Mix and match!
-Try using arugula or spinach for the salad greens!
-Use other types of fruit, like mangoes or mixed berries!
-Try replacing the salmon filet with skirt steak!
-Use Sourdough bread, or other robust loafs instead of a baguette!
-Use any type of cheese you want, or none at all!
-Use other types of nuts (don't have to be candied)!
-Prepare mise en place (wash, chop, and have everything ready before you start cooking)!

-Use a heavy dressing, like Ranch.

*Note* I will only give exact proportions when I feel it is essential for the recipe. I gave variations in the ingredients above to allow the common grocery shopper and cook to make however much he or she finds fit.

How to prepare each dish item:

Portobello Mushroom:
Saute mushrooms with salt and pepper with a small amount of oil. In the case of portobello mushrooms, toss them on a pan at medium heat and let them take care of themselves. Flip once and continue cooking until finished. Their size will have decreased and released a large amount of liquid (which is full of mushroom flavor, and you can pour that over the mushrooms as you're ready to serve).

Salmon Filets:
Portion salmon filets and score the skin (twice if the filet is large). Season with salt, pepper, and rub with thin coating of oil. Sear on high heat, skin side down until you can see the opaque layers reach above the halfway mark of the filet (3-5 minutes, depending on size). Flip salmon over and bring heat down to medium to finish cooking. Cook until desired state (1-2 minutes for medium rare). Don't be afraid to cut into the center and see how cooked it is.

Scrambled Eggs:
Prepare scrambled eggs, or french style scrambled eggs with herb of choice. This is left to however you want to cook your eggs. I will post in the future how to make creamy french styled scrambled eggs. Serve over toasted baguette with cheese of choice.

Salad Dressing:
Mix in a 1-3 ratio: Lime juice - Olive oil. Season dressing with salt, pepper, and honey. Toss together with salad greens and other items.

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